Once upon a time, two sisters and a brother grew up in a small city with a big heart. They attended the local grammar school and high school and participated in all manner of sports and activities, from volleyball to baseball, from ballet to wrestling, from football to softball. And as they grew older, the desire to travel far from the city grew within them. And one by one they took their turn, traveling to North Carolina and Rhode Island, to Alabama and Chicago, and in the end they each came to the same conclusion: There is no place like home. They each started their own families and remained in their hometown: raising children, volunteering in the community, working locally, coaching. There came a time when they asked themselves: Can we do more? And slowly an idea began to form: Start a family business in the community. Have it run by the next generation and supported by the current generation. Make it fun and a place where teens could work and learn and grow. Make it socially and environmentally responsible. Make it so that a portion of the sales would go back to community charities. This sounded great and everyone was all-in. There was one problem. What would they sell??! As they tossed around ideas, an obvious answer emerged: coffee. Not only did their children love coffee but it was in their blood! Naples, Italy, is called the “City of Coffee” and considered to be the best in the world. And these 2 sisters and a brother trace their ancestry (on both sides!) to that very city in Southern Italy! Add some nutritious, delicious shakes and just like that, CappuGino’s was born!!!